Hi, I am Raashi Shah

Product Manager

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What I do


I started studying development in September '20 and have equipped myself with skills to build a website in HTML, CSS and some basic React. At the moment, I am following the backend developer roadmap to briefly understand server-side web application logic.

Product Management

I have a year's experience in managing a product, designing wireframes and communicating with the engineering team. With a degree in Product Design and Management - my interests shell into how products function and how problems are identified and solved.


When I am not working, I am learning music theory and training my ear to make electronic music.

Currently Reading

Principles - The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio

Associate Product Manager based out of Bombay

I grew up here with a brief stint in the UK for my undergrad education where I lead and managed several EdTech projects, worked in an awesome EdTech startup and then moved to SpaceTech after returning home.

I like to work on products that break barriers of entry by decluttering complexities and distractions - making user experience inclusive, productive and creative. At the moment, I'm building my experience in and I most enjoy managing these products.